lunedì 27 febbraio 2012


Do or don`t in Germany

The Germans are not said to be lovers of tradition. The body of principles, beliefs, practices etc.passed down from the past to the present.
However there are many things that German kids are said to do or not to do.
When we asked them to tell other kids about these things, they had lots of ideas.
At least they have chosen the most important ones for children in other countries, because our kids found out some differences in their daily life.
There are funny ones, for example not to go under a ladder. And there is also a very serious „Don`t“ concerning the red traffic lights. That is very dangerous because car drivers don`t expect people on the street when they are allowed to drive.
The students think that these advises could help all children to understand one another and to get a sympathetic feeling towards their partner`s behaviour. 





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