giovedì 16 giugno 2011

How To make Irish Drisheen

Task: How to make Irish Drisheen

Need: Hog casing


Black pepper



Sheep blood

Full cream milk

Cooked oatmeal or bread crumbs


1. First mix the salt and the blood together in a bowl.

2. Next mix the cream into the bowl, and then add the bread crumbs.

3. After that add on the salt, black pepper, mace and thyme.

4. Now mix every single ingredient together.

5. When that is done stuff it into the hog casings.

6. Leave it to stand for one hour when u are finished stuffing it into the hog casings.

7. Place in a pot, cover it and simmer for thirty to forty five minutes until it is firm.

8. When it is firm and fully cooked, slice and serve hot.

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