martedì 28 giugno 2011

Potato Cakes from Ireland

We made potato cakes.  We used flour, eggs and mashed potato.  First we put the mashed potato in a bowl.  Then we stirred it.  Then we added one egg and stirred again.  We added some flour aswell and we stirred it again.  Then we put some flour on our hands and teacher gave us a spoonful of the mashed potatoe mixture and we had to flatten it into a flatish pancake shape.  We had to be careful not to make it too flat.  We put the potato cakes on a plate and teacher cooked them on the frying pan.  She melted some butter in the pan and then fried the potato cakes.  We waited until they cooled a little bit before we ate them.  They were delicious.  We were crying for more.  Everyone wanted more.

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