mercoledì 7 marzo 2012

German Proverbs

German Proverbs

There are lots of proverbs and sayings in German language.
But the students of our school had not many ideas about this part of our project.
They say that proverbs mostly are said by elderly people.

That can be the truth, because these short well known sayings express wisdom and experience of life.
However our kids like proverbs with their simple language and their figure of speech.
So the students had a lot of fun by drawing the pictures and by talking about the meaning. This was even the most interesting part of the work.
We found out, that proverbs can improve rules for living life or to make things better than before.
And they can help to make judgements about the good and bad points of someone or something. Using proverbs can be an easier way to criticise one`s own work or words.

To bring it to a happy end, we would like to tell you a very fitting saying by J.C.Collins

To profit from good advice
requires more wisdom than to give it.“ 


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