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Top Ten Healthy Activities In Ireland

Hurling is a traditional Gaelic sport played in Ireland. You use a hurl and sliotar to play this game. A hurl is a stick made from ash and the sliotar is a ball similar in size to a tennis ball. The children are coached and practice this game weekly both in school and outside school with their local clubs.
The children look forward to and enjoy participating in this game.

Irish Dancing
Irish dancing is a very popular activity in all parts of Ireland and in many parts of the world. Irish dancing has a long tradition in our school and  classes are provided weekly for all children. It is great fun and a good form of exercise.

Swimming and water sports such as wind surfing and sailing are very popular activities in Ireland. Being an island nation much time is spent at the sea.In our school  the importance of being able to swim has long been recognised and children attend swimming classes once a week.

As a means of keeping fit  we decided to dedicate one section of our playground for skipping activities.It is great to see children taking part in skipping games that have been passed down through the generations as well as developing new games of their own.

Olympic Handball
Olympic handball is a relatively new sport in Ireland but it is a popular sport in our school.Children aged 9-12  train on Wednesday after school.Inter-school competitions are held during the last school term.

Gymnastics  is a popular activity and there are many  gym clubs throughout Ireland.As well as having a school gymnastics programme we also have a gymnastic instructor who teaches gymnastics twice a week.
Running is a very popular acvtivity in Ireland.There are many running clubs in Galway city and groups of runners can be seen out running in all kinds of weather throughout the year.Many races of varying distances are organised for competitions and in aid of charity.

On roads and paths throughout Ireland you will see people of all ages walking.There are many walking clubs and Ireland is a very popular destination for people who wish to go on walking holidays.  Many schools recognise the importance of walking to stay fit and healthy and they have organised "Walking  Buses".This is where children under the supervision of parents walk in groups to school.

Gaelic Football
Gaelic Football is enjoyed by girls and boys in Ireland.Gaelic training occurs weekly in our school.

Soccer is played in streets ,fields parks and pitches  throughout Ireland  Soccer clubs can be found all over our country.Ireland's qualification for the European Cup has everyone very excited and going soccer crazy.

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