venerdì 8 giugno 2012

Comenius-Meeting in Germany at Wilhelm-Nevoigt Primary School Cottbus

From 26th - 30th , March 2012 our Comenius-partners from France, Ireland, Italy and Nothern Ireland
visited Germany and our hometown Cottbus.

The daytrip to Dresden with the sightseeing- tour , to visit the park with castle of Branitz and also the trip to Burg/ Spreewald
were  great experiences .

We will remember their stay with us for a long time and our students liked to welcome them in our traditional way.

We had a very good time together and we also hope you could gain insight into German schooling system.

We are sure that this project work will support the good relationship between our people and our countries, too.

Gudrun and Edelgard

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  1. We were just delighted to work together and to share your culture.
    We gained a lot working with the pupils and more sharing a friendship.
    I hope this relationship will continue after this project!
    Sabina & the Italian Team