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La Bretagne - Brittany

                                                             LA BRETAGNE - BRITTANY
This region is to the west of France:

 « La Bretagne » is a region of France which has always kept its roots and its identity.

The Bretons use their very own version of a Celtic language

                                                                The flag of Brittany
Some pictures of Brittany

What to eat in Brittany
The most celebrated dishes...

                                                                    1) Seafood Platters

                                                          2) Pancakes - sugary and salty

                                                                3) Cider or "Chuchen"

                                                       Near the Sea - The Lighthouses

The traditional costumes of Brittany

Traditional Breton Music

History of Brittany

The Menhirs

The stone Menhirs stretch over 15km!

Brittany is famous for its maritime connections - there are many boat races here

St Malo harbour is famed for its beauty and its boat races


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