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Where do you have to stay in Germany


has  got  many  sights .

There is the old Market in the city with very nice old houses.
One of them is the Chemist Museum.
The Spremberger Tower is a symbol of Cottbus.
The State Theatre is a very nice old building.
There are a lot of important performances.
The Animal Garden is a nice place and is next to the BranitzerPark.

It called Fürst Pückler Park. There are two pyramids.

Coalmines are around Cottbus.

The Kosel Mill is a very nice place near Cottbus.
There  is a wonderful nature in Winter and Summer.

Dresden is a nice town in Germany. Many sights you can see in Dresden. Dresden has a very nice surrounding.
You can see the Elbsandsteingebirge.
There you have many destinations for walking, climbing,
biking and canoeing on the river Elbe.
If you come to the Elbsandsteingebirge you have to visit
the Basteibrücke, the Lilienstein, the big Winterberg and
the open-air theatre Rathen.
You can walk in the Elbsandsteingebirge.

The fortress Königstein is a very important place. 

You can go by boat on the Elbe. With the boat you can go to Tschechien.

You can stay in Dresden because there are many interesting things for example: the Frauenkirche, the Golden Rider, the Zwinger, the Green Vault, many parks, the Hygiene museum, many castles for example: castle Albrechtsberg .

The Opera was built from 1838-1841.
It was broken in World War 2.  1871  the Opera was built again.
The second building fell overnight of 13th February 1945 the air raid on Dresden.  After the World War 2 the Semperoper was reconstructed. On 13th February 1985 the Semperoper had the 40th anniversary.

The Erzgebirge
In the Erzgebirge are many mountains.
The highest mountain is the Fichtelberg.
At the top is a wonderful restaurant.
You can go there in all seasons for walking, biking or skiing.

The pictures were provided from the Tourismus-Verband Erzgebirge e. V.


The Port of Hamburg is very big and has an area
of 7236 hectares. It is the largest seaport in Germany
and with the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerpen the third
largest in Europe. 

Many big ships come to the port of Hamburg for example the Queen Marry II.

The Fishmarket is a very old market in Hamburg.

There is a special museum where you can see
parts of Germany very small.

Kleinwelka  Dinosaur-Park

It is one of the famous parks in Europe.
There you can see many different dinosaurs in a real height.
Next to the Dinosaur-Park is a Crazy-Garden with trees.
There you have to find the right way to get out.
It is very funny.

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is the football stadium of FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München. It`s the third biggest football stadium of Germany. 69 000 football fans can go into the stadium. The first game of world cup 2006 was here. At a game from FC Bayern München  the Allianz Arena shines red, at a game from TSV 1860 München the Allianz Arena shines blue.

In Munich there are many places for example:
Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus, New-Old Town Hall, Frauenkirche, Alter Peter, Deutsches Museum, Olympic Tower, Schloss Nymphenburg.

The Alpen are mountains near München. Here you can walking, skiing or snowboarding.
The Zugspitze is the highest mountain. Here is the famous Zugspitzbahn.

Baltic Sea

The Sea-Centre is a big aquarium on the Island Fehmarn.
Many animals from the tropical sea are in the Sea-Centre.
Four millions litres of water are there.
The Sea-Centre was in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest tropical aquarium in Germany 1998.Now the Sea-Centre is the largest tropical aquarium in Europe.
You can see Seestars, funny Nemos, fire fish, corals, morays, sharks and so on and so on …

Island Rügen has got many sights for example:

- the Island of pirates for kids
- the skew house
- the Rügenpark
- the Kap Ark
- the Seabridge
- the Kreideküste



Potsdam is the capital and the most popular city of Brandenburg.
It is bordered next to the German capital Berlin and is a European metropolitan region of Berlin/Brandenburg.
Potsdam is known for its historical legacy as a former residence of Prussia with the numerous  palaces and parks.
The landscapes were in 1990 by the UNESCO as the largest ensemble of German world heritage sites in the list of world cultural and natural heritage of humanity included.

The traditional former UFA-Studio Babelsberg is one of the leading centres of film and television production in Europe.
The Exploratorium is an interactive museum for kids.


We can eat “Spreewaldgurken”.
We can go by  canoe, by bike ore walking through the Spreewald.
It is a wonderful nature with many birds and plants.
We can visit  the Spreewald-museum in Lübbenau and the open-air museum in Lehde.
A lot of tourists come to the Spreewald every year.
On Easter the people make beautiful colourful Easter eggs.


Tropical Islands


This is the biggest hall of the world.
It is near to the Spreewald.
There you can go for holiday.
Many holiday-villages from  tropical countries are in the hall. A lot of tropical plants are there.
You can go swimming and sliding from a very big slide.

With a balloon you can drive on the top of the hall and so you have a nice view of the countryside.
Over the night it is possible to sleep in a tent.
You have to go there. It is a lot of fun.

The Völkerschlacht

TheVölkerschlacht  happened in the space of time 16th-19th of October1813.
It was the most important battle of the liberation war.
You can visit a monument of the ´´Völkerschlacht``on the Prager street. 2

Belantis is a very big and nice amusement-park in Leipzig.
A fantastic roller coaster and other amusements are there.
It is a lot of fun for kids and sometimes
for the parents, too.

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