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Do's and Don'ts for Ireland

Bonjour , Hello , Hallo , Ciao , Dia Duit, From Scoil San Phroinsias

DO shake hands.

In Ireland when we meet people we greet them by shaking their hand.

Do NOT kiss.

In Ireland we don't generally kiss when we meet other people like they do in France, Italy and Spain.
DO drive on the left

Ireland and the UK are the only places in the EU that drive on the left. Our cars steering wheel is located on the right of the car.
Do NOT drive on the right.

If you drive on the right you could end up like this....

DO bring a Rain Coat. 

Ireland is located on the west of Europe. We get a lot of rain coming in from the Atlantic, even in Summer time! The west coast of Ireland is particularly wet.

Do NOT bring suncream.

We rarely get very hot weather in Ireland so we don't use too much sun cream.
People in Ireland sometimes go to warmer countries like Spain, France and Italy for their holidays.

Do go to a GAA match

We have two national sports in Ireland, Hurling and Gaelic Football. Most counties have their own team in both sports. These matches can be very entertaining.

Do NOT bring your skiing gear to Ireland.

Ireland has a temperate climate. This means it is not really cold and it is not really warm so we don't get much snow. Also we don't have high mountain ranges. Our highest mountain is mount Carrauntoohill which is only 1038 metres.

Do bring a camera.

Bring a camera to Ireland. Get out of the cities and explore our country. We have many famous landmarks and beautiful contryside.  

Do NOT be a litter bug!

We take pride into keeping our country a nice, clean and safe place for you to visit. Please dont ruin it!
Thanks for reading our list of do's and don'ts.

From your friends in Scoil San Phroinsias, Galway.

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