venerdì 6 maggio 2011

The Ring Of Kerry, Killarney.


Killarney is located on the South -Westerly coast of Ireland, in the provence of Munster, County Kerry. The Ring of Kerry is one of the most scenic routes in Ireland. Beginning and ending in Killarney, it traces the coastline of the Iveragh Peninsula. The combination of ocean, islands, mountains, towns and villages makes it an exciting journey of discovery. It is recommended that the tour be taken anti clockwise from Killarney, as this presents the scenery in the most spectacular way.

Things to do

1.Muckross House and Gardens

Type: Historic sites, Gardens, History Museums
Cost: Free

2.Killarney National Park

  Type:National Park

Places to stay


4 Stars:
Erlo Court
It is 7 minutes walk from Killarney town centre
From  60 euro.

Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa
From 76 euro

3 stars
Scotts hotel
From 62 euro

Killeen house
100 euro

Windway house
15 euro

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