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Top Ten to visit in Germany

The Spreewald is 100 km in the south-east of Berlin in the districts Dahme-Spreewald, Spreewald-Lausitz and Spree-Neiße. It has an area of 484 square kilometer. In the year 1998 about 50,000 people lived in this region. There are 18,000 kinds of animals,flowers and plants. Eagle forests on wetlands and pine forests on sandy dry areas are characteristic for the region, but also grassland and fields can be found.
Until 1991 the UNESCO said that the Spreewald is a “Biosphärenreservat”.
The first settlers in the Spreewald region were Slavic, that means Sorbs and Wends. Their traditional language and clothing still exist.
The people mostly depends on tourism. Many tourists enjoy the Spreewald in punts. However, also agriculture, forestry and fishing are important sources of income. The principal town of area is Lübbenau.
Lübbenau is a very important town in the Spreewald.
It`s the centre of the Spreewald. Lübbenau has a harbour for small boats and canoes.
Many tourists come every year to Lübbenau.
It`s 82 km from Berlin and 36 km from Cottbus.
Lübbenau has an old downtown with a very nice church and an old castle.
A hotel is in the castle now.
Sorbsky people live in Lübbenau. They have an own language.

Spreewald in Winter
Sorb Costum
Spreewald in Winter
Harbor in Spreewald
"Big" Harbor Lübbenau
Barge cruises in the winter
Open-air Museum Lehde
Culture/Maintaining Traditions

The pictures 4 - 9 were provided from

Cottbus is an old city. It is over 850 years old. Cottbus is in Brandenburg and has got 101.671 inhabitants. The people speak German and Sorbian. The Spremberg Tower is a very important tower. It is a sight of the city. The state theatre is a very old and nice building. Nearby there are beautiful old houses. The old market is in the city of Cottbus. There are many restaurants, coffeeshops and more beautiful old houses. One of them is the Chemist Museum. In "da Capo" you can injoy the best ice cream in town. Many parks are around Cottbus e.g. Branitzer Park, zoo and the Spreeauen Park. In Blechencarree you can go shopping. A nice place in the summer is the restaurant Koselmühle in a beautiful area.

Brandenburger Turm
Chemist museum
Old market
Da Capo yummi
Castle in the Branitzer Park
Pyramid in the Branitzer Park
Staatstheater Cottbus
Staatstheater Cottbus
Nearby the Staatstheater
Blechen Carree by night
Shopping Mall Blechen Caree
Restaurant Koselmühle

Potsdam is the capital of Brandenburg.
It has 154.606 inhabitants and is situated at the Havel.
University town with three colleges.
Potsdam is known for beautiful castles and garden Sanssouci. The Potsdam Castle-Night takes place every year. The Major-Film Studio is in Potsdam Babelsberg.


Park Sanccouci
Castle Sanssouci

The federal state is Sachsen.
Dresden is a big city and has got 517,052 thousand inhabitants. In Dresden there are many intresting things for example: the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger, the Golden Rider, the Semper Opera House, the Green Vault. In the Green Vault is a picture gallery of old Masters.
You can go with a streamboat on the direction to Pillnitz or Meissen. There are many shopping malls for example: the Oldmarket Gallery.
You can go in the zoo or drive with a park railway.
There are many museums include: the Hygiene museum and the museum of Transport.

In the Frauenkirche
Nymphenbad in the Zwinger

The last 3 pictures were from the German Hygiene Museum providet.

This is a mountain in south- east of Germany.
The border to Czech Republic is near. The highest mountain is the Fichtelberg. In this area there are many mountain mines and other sights.
You can find interesting stones all over. You can buy nice things in many shops.
Seifen is a wonderful city.

Trail Fichtelberg
Dog sled race in Holzhau
Markus-Röhling-Stolln at Frohnau
Fichtelberghaus Oberwiesenthal
Hirtenstein in Satzung
Christmas market in Annaberg
The pictures were provided from the Tourismus-Verband Erzgebirge e. V.

Berlin is the largest city in Germany.
It is the captital of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Berlin has 3.4 million inhabitants. In Berlin, there are many places. It is a big worldcity.

Many people from different countries come to Berlin to see the sights.
Berlin has the Tv-tower, Brandenburger Gate and many other things. Berlin is 800 years old.

Brandenburger Tor
Legoland Berlin

Berliner Dom Lego
Brandenburger Tor by night

München is the capital of Bavaria. 1,4 million inhabitants live there. It`s the third biggest city of Germany. One symbol is the Frauenkirche. München has many sights, e. g. monuments like Friedensengel, Ludwig I., walking man, max II, museums like Bmw-Museum, glyptothek (exhibition of ancient sculptures), parks like Olympipark, english garden, Hofgarten Diana, beautiful places like Justizpalast, Marienplatz, Siegestor.
München has three big football clubs: FC Bayern München, TSV 1860 München, TSV Unterhaching stadion olympiastadion

Ludwig I
Walking man
BMW museum
Summer festival Olympiapark
Christmas market in English garden
Hofgarten Diana
The pictures were from the Tourism Office Munic providet.

The Lake Constanze
Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany!
It is 69km long and 15km wide and 250m deep.
The largest town at Lake Constance is Konstanz. The largest island on Lake Constance is Reichenau (the submarine). There are many islands in the upper lake, the largest are Meinau and Lindau.
The Lake offers a wide variety of destinations. In addition to the highlights, such as for example the flower island of Mainau, the piles or the Rhein falls. Castles, museums and historical buildings.

Harbor entrance Lindau
Island Mainau - Castle
Aerial Photo Island Mainau
Kids have Fun
Mascot "Blumi"
lumi with kids
Fun at Lake Constanze
Castle Salem
Island Reichenau

The pictures 1 to 7 were from the  Mainau GmbH, pictures 8 to 9 were from
photographer Achim Mende, Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH providet.

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is a city – state of Germany. Hamburg has 1,8 millionens inhabitants and is the industry and trade location.
The most are in innercity, for example 

the 100 years old historic storehouse-town, the biggest storehouse complex of the world, 
a big TV tower 279,8 m high, 43.000 tons heavy, 
the Elbtunnel,  opened in 1911, today it's a nostalgic and lovely well-kept part of the history of the Hamburg, 
the Jungfernstieg, the heart of the downtown, here the families took out there single daughters ("Jungfern") – hence the name, here also start roundtrips with the Alsterdampfer (Streamship), very nice by night
and the Hamburger Michel.
The fishmarket takes place every sunday morning, 
in the zoo live 1.850 animals from 210 different specieses. The Tropical Aquarium belongs to the zoo as well, here you can see the wonderworld of the deepest tropical oceans, the primeval forest and  mysterious grots. You can see about 13.000 animals here. The shark-atoll is the highlight.
Hamburg has many parks e.g. 
Planten un Blomen, a fantastiv green freetime area, with a tropical gallery, "Mittelmeerterrassen", chemist garden, japanese garden, garden of roses. Kids attractions are varied playgrounds, a pottery house, minigold facility, a artificial ice rink in winter. In summer the rink is used for rollerblades and inlineskates.
The Alsterpark is one of the most popular parks in Hamburg. Hamburg has more than 60 theatres and museums. As the world third largest musical site are musicals such as the Lion King.
Hamburg has been listed as a sportcity because next to the Hamburger SV and FC. St. Pauli.

Historic Storehouse-town.
historic Storehouse-town.
TV tower
Jungfernstieg by night
tour on Alster
Zoo and tropical aquarium
Planten un Blomen

The Baltic-Sea/Rügen
The Baltic-Sea is a Sea in north of Europe.It is a little bit bigger than Germany.
The Baltic-Sea Water is salty.
Many islands are in the Baltic-Sea, for example Usedom, Rügen, Hiddensee, Fehmarn.
Many big towns are in this area: Lübeck, Kiel, Rostock, Strahlsund.
Rügen is an island in the north from Germany. The Baltic Sea is around the island.
The Störtebeker Festival takes place every year in Ralswiek. It is a location on Rügen.
On the Ralswiek experience the adventure of the legendary pirate Klaus Störtebecker. In concert, with more than 150 people, 4 ships and 30 horses play. There are also special effects and more. Every evening ends with fireworks.
An experience for children is the “Pirateninsel“.
The “Pirateninsel“ is the biggest indoor playground (2000 square metre) of Rügen. Something is present for everybody. Big-climbing Mountain, fun-park,a restaurant and a lot more.
Beside the “Pirateninsel“is also a skew house where you can go in.

Baltic Sea Beach
Lighthouse on Rügen
Cliff on Rügen
Lighthouse on Hiddensee

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